Maus School

A Spanish academy in Seville, Spain, "Maus School", wanted a re-brand: name change and a logo. So that's what I gave them, plus a little bit more. 

The name, "Maus School," was chosen by the founders, after they fell in love with a German comicbook called "Maus". They were unwilling to rid the name "Maus" forever, so I came up with the idea to combine it with words relating to "school" or "academy". There, the name "Maus Instituto de Lenguas" was born. The shortened word, "MIL" means 1,000 in Spanish. PERFECTION! Thus the poster idea was born. 

As for the logo, the director loved the previous smiley-face-wearing-graduation-cap logo, and refused to part with the face concept completely. After some deliberation, I came up with the concept of using two speech bubbles conversing. The vector was easily translatable, less like Wal-Mart's smiley face, and a lot cuter (in my opinion.) 

As for the rest, I created "the works" for them, as well as a merchandise incentive program. 

Although not executed, I created an app that allows students an easy way to sign up for class trips, language exchange partners, classes, check on their marks for their "DELE" classes along with their progress, and an easy to read calendar.

Here are some examples of promotional merchandise! WOO HOO! My idea would be to have an incentive program. For example, if you "like" the MIL Facebook page on Facebook, you get a "Maus Tatuaje", or the temporary tattoo. 

Woven bracelets are very common in Spain, and people around me were collecting them left and right. If you go to 5 MausEvents, you get a free bracelet. 

Lastly, if you attend 10 MausEvents, the shopping bag is given as a reward.
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